The Altrucoin Token

Revamped and relaunched, the new Altrucoin token combines all the features from the original Altrucoin token, BankerDoge token, and our entire dApp ecosystem.

What is Altrucoin?

About Altrucoin

Altrucoin is the utility and governance token of the Altruism Protocol ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain.  

The Altrucoin token combines the established use case of trustless DeFi lending with modern token reflection.

The Altruism protocol is a collection of decentralized apps that work together to support the Altrucoin token and its holders.

How It Works & Tokenomics

Tokenomics Features

Deflationary Tokenomics

Altrucoin implements automatic token burning to ensure that the token remains deflationary.

Staked Rewards

Our smart contract sends all of the token reflections to the vault to encourage token locking and increase the vault APY.

Fee Stepdown Structure

The transaction fees will reduce from the current 10% to 5% as the marketcap increases.

Use Case

Ecosystem Tokenomics
All of our dApps support Altrucoin through externally boosted tokenomics:

Vault Rewards

Every partner vault adds rewards to the Altrucoin vault to increse its stakers rewards.

Presale Rewards

A portion of all of the sales made from hosted presales gets airdropped to Altrucoin stakers.

Referral Rewards

Referrers and referrees of Altrucoin get a discounted rate on Altrucoin tokoens.

Charity and Governance Voting

Vote on Altrucoin charity and governance proposals with your vote weight based on how much Altrucoin you hold.


The Altrucoin token will be used as the primary collateral token of our defi-lending platform in the future.

Altrucoin Token Merge

Token History
The new Altrucoin token is a merge of the team’s previous cryptocurrency tokens and services:
– the original Altrucoin token
– the BankerDoge token
– the BankerDoge decentralized application

The team has brought these elements together to make a new Altrucoin token that will be better than the sum of it parts.

To learn about the token merge, why it happened, and the steps moving forward, visit our medium account.
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