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Token Information


Core Values

Token Merge and History

Altruism Protocol Ecosystem


Project Features

Governance, Security, and Audits

Charity Selection



Token Information

BSC LINK: Coming Soon

Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) 

Ticker: $ALTRU 

Contract address: Coming Soon


Total Supply: 2.5 Billion



Adding DeFi features to any token.

Altrucoin offers a Defi-as-a-Service platform to tokens on the BSC, letting them add features such as staking, auto-buyback, and decentralized governance. The Altrucoin token is part of the Altruism Protocol Ecosystem, which is a system of Defi tools and tokens which provides growth for holders while supporting charities around the world. It lets the community vote on charitable donations while providing a safe, appreciating store of wealth for our holders with clear use cases.

Altrucoin is a community-driven project with three parts:

  • The Altrucoin Token: A token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) used for governance and ecosystem utility.

  • The Vaults Platform: A decentralized application that adds DeFi features to other tokens on the BSC. This platform is already live, with over 10 million USD staked in vaults. 

    • Our platform will have decentralized onboarding which will let any user make a vault for their token at any time.

    • All of the vaults will support the Altrucoin Token through a fee structure (details in the tokenomics section).

  • The Voting Application: The decentralized voting application we use for charity donations and project governance. (https://vote.altrucoin.io/#/)

Through our vault system, we can provide BSC tokens that partner with us cutting-edge features, such as BNB redistribution, auto buy-back, and more. We can also add in our own unique features such as variable time locking with scaling rewards, support for reflection/redistribution systems while staking, trustless DeFi lending, and more. A full list of features we offer can be found on the Features tab of our website. REPLACE link on site.

Our roadmap (REPLACE link) lays out our plan to create additional vault types, the ability for users to create vaults themselves, and the release of a trustless decentralized lending platform where the profits are given directly to staking token holders and charities instead of banks or middlemen.

We hope you’ll join us in doing our part to create a better world.

Core Values

  • Growth – Producing yield generation and creating smart investments for our holders.

  • Charitable Giving – Giving to impactful charitable causes to change the world for the better.

  • Decentralization – Ensuring no single entity or group has complete control of the protocol.

  • Community – Allowing the community to have constant input, direction, and control in the Altruism Protocol.

  • Security – Creating a secure store of wealth for all our holders through continuous security testing.

  • Transparency – Providing full transparency from the team in all aspects of the project.

Token Merge and History

The BitMart exchange was recently hacked via a compromised hot wallet with a stolen private key and certain tokens were stolen from the exchange. Only one of BitMart’s hot wallets was compromised, so not all tokens were affected but the hacker was able to steal and sell a variety of tokens including safemoon, floki and others. In response, the team froze the contract to prevent selling by the hacker. NONE of the Altrucoin or BankerDoge systems or contracts have been compromised. The hack was solely due to one of BitMart’s wallets. However, Bitmart recommended that we redeploy the contract, and our team agreed. 


The team ran a governance proposal, and the community overwhelmingly decided to merge the Altrucoin and BankerDoge tokens as part of the redeploy. This allows us to dedicate all company resources to a single token and accelerate the development and creation of new features and products. As such, Altrucoin ($ALTRUCOIN) and BankerDoge ($BANKER) will be combined into Altrucoin ($ALTRU) as part of the redeployment of the contract. This new contract will include several upgrades and improvements that the team has noticed during the life of the tokens. You can read more about the token merge on our first medium article and our follow up medium article.

Altruism Protocol Ecosystem

The Altrucoin Project

Altrucoin is the merging of two projects developed by the Altruism Protocol, created to simplify the ecosystem and devote more resources towards a single project. It is a DeFi-as-a-Service platform that allows BSC tokens to add DeFi features to their project. Altrucoin consists of three main parts: the utility token, a vault web application, and a charity/governance voting web application.

The Altrucoin token acts as both a utility token and governance token. This means that in addition to its primary use case, the token is used to interact with the governance and voting aspects of the project.

The application will consist of several major features: vaults, token launching, token referral, and lending funds. Vaults will allow tokens to add staking, auto-buyback, governance, and more to their projects. The token launching section of the application will allow projects to raise funds in private sales and public presales for their holders. Token referral will allow holders to refer other users to buy certain tokens, rewarding both the purchaser and the referrer. Altrucoin will also include a DeFi lending aspect, allowing users to borrow funds through the platform. The funds will come from designated vaults, which will reward the users inside with interest generated from the loan. You can find more information in the REPLACE section.

All token vaults will support the Altrucoin Token through a fee structure (details in the tokenomics section).

The Altrucoin Token

The Altrucoin Token is a BEP-20 token launched on the Binance Smart Chain. There were two tokens working together which are now being merged into a single token (Altrucoin). This new token will be distributed to all current holders of the previous tokens, as well as those who purchase tokens during the presales. There will be a public presale of current protocol funds, followed by a public launch using the DxSale’s DxLaunch decentralized launch platform. You can read more about it in the “Public Pre-Sales” paragraph later in this section. The Altrucoin token keeps all tokens safe through the active implementation of DxSale’s DxLock wallet locking tool for liquidity pool locking as well as gnosis multisig protocol wallets for increased security.

Initial Token Distribution:

  • REPLACE% – Public Pre-sale + PancakeSwap Initial Liquidity 

  • REPLACE% – Public Protocol Fund Pre-sales (REPLACE LINK)

  • 79% – Airdrop to Previous Holders of the old Altrucoin Token and BankerDoge Token (Snapshot will be taken to determine stakers)

  • 1% – Protocol Funds, to be used for airdrops, exchanges, and payment for employees

We have already had the previous tokens listed on BitMart, Probit, and XT. We are working with these exchanges to ensure the new version of the token is properly listed after launch. This will mean a listing on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, a top 100 exchange (BitMart), a top 50 exchange (XT), and a top 25 exchange (Probit) immediately after launch.


Public Pre-Sales

Altrucoin will be completing its pre-sale in two stages to ensure capital, reward existing token holders, and gain new holders. The pre-sale will consist of two stages: one round executed through a public smart contract, and the final round through DxSale’s DxLaunch platform. All stages will be available to the public, with no private events.

The first stage will be available through our website (https://www.Altrucoin.com). This will reward early token holders through a small discount to purchase funds originally held by the company. Token holders can choose to link their wallet or send BNB directly, according to their preference.

The final stage will be held through DxSale’s DxLaunch platform, the industry standard for BSC tokens. Once the DxSale is complete, users will be able to claim their tokens through our presale system or DxSale (whichever they purchased on).

Binance Smart Chain

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain created by Binance (the creators of $BNB and the Binance Exchange, the largest exchange in the world) with BEP-20 smart contract compatibility allowing for high-performance decentralized applications to be launched on the BSC. Applications that are launched on the BSC have their transactions verified and validated by the BSC for a small transaction fee. The BSC was created to facilitate fast, decentralized, multipurpose transactions with low transaction fees to use the network for verification.

Bank Vaults – DeFi Staking Platform

Unlike other tokens, we aren’t just making promises to release tech in the future. We have several features live at launch and plan to build on them as time goes on! Products currently live and in use include staking vaults (over 10 million USD currently staked), private vault hosting (in use by ELONGATE), and the token launch system. We have several more products and features already set for development, which you can find on our roadmap (REPLACE link).


The Altrucoin DeFi staking platform lets us add staking vaults for any BSC token. These vaults will add many features to existing tokens such as time locking with scaling rewards, support for reflection/redistribution while staking, optional contributions to charity or the burn wallet, and more!

  • Staking: Staking is when users deposit tokens they own into a system for a certain amount of time in exchange for rewards. Currently, there are several options to create the reward pool through interaction or manual creation from the devs. In the future, these staked tokens will be used in the DeFi lending platform for decentralized loans. Users will be rewarded with interest when loans are paid back.

  • Time Locking: Time locking tokens reduces the effective circulating supply. This reduces supply in the supply/demand formula which helps with increasing token price. It also increases price stability in bear markets.

  • Unique Code: Our staking vault contracts are made of completely unique code and were written by our internal development team. The vaults are not a fork of PancakeSwap or any other project.

  • Decentralized Onboarding: The vaults platform will soon have decentralized onboarding, which will let any user make vaults for their token at any time (similar to the DxSale Launch system).

  • Private Vault Hosting: Our development team can create a private vault page that can be added directly to the website of your project, using your branding and letting your holders do everything all from your site. Example

  • Multiple Vault Types: In the future, we will be adding a variety of vault types such as:

    • No-Loss Jackpot Vaults

    • Collectible NFT Generating Vaults

    • Trustless DeFi Lending Pool

    • And more!

Users will pay an entry fee that will be redistributed to existing Altrucoin token holders and the Altruism Protocol team through the Altrucoin token vault(s).

The staking platform will connect directly to Web3 wallets such as Metamask, Walletconnect, or the Trust Wallet. The staking system can be found at (REPLACE link).

Why Build A Vault For Your Project?

Altrucoin token vaults are staking systems that can be added to tokens to provide a variety of benefits. Unlike other platforms, our vaults support a variety of modern tokenomics.

Price Benefits:

  • Token Time Locking: Time locked tokens decrease sell pressure and build a solid price floor by decreasing the effective supply in the supply/demand formula.

  • Stronger Price Increases: Decreased effective supply means that prices will rise even faster when new users buy in.

  • Sell Resistance: Time locking helps resist negative price movements especially when the market is fluctuating.

Community Benefits:

  • Diamond Hand Rewards: Locking bonuses and vault fees reward long-term holders. This leads to more confidence in the project, which in turn leads to more long-term holders.

  • Social Proof: Locked tokens clearly demonstrate the community’s commitment to the long-term vision of your project. APY, TVL, and clear rewards also demonstrate legitimacy.

  • Community Engagement: Staking provides holders with a use case for their tokens which will help them stay engaged with the project and community.

  • Exciting News: Crypto projects need to show constant growth and development to remain relevant. Staking vaults work as an excellent piece of news to keep your community excited and engaged!

Financial Benefits:

  • Project Funding: The adjustable admin fee on our vaults can generate ongoing income for your project.

  • No In-House Development Costs: Building a staking system yourself is costly and time-consuming. Our vaults save you all that hard work, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.

Technical Benefits:

  • Instant Token Utility: Our Vaults add utility and a new use case to existing tokens immediately. This utility makes your token more appealing to new token holders. Staking also helps provide holders with interim rewards and value while projects work on their long-term use case.

  • Custom Vault Contracts: Our vault contracts are built to suit the specific technical needs of your project. Take a look at our existing vaults (REPLACE LINK) to see some of the custom solutions we create that no one else provides.

  • Smart Contract Security: Testing and external audits are crucial to all DeFi projects. Our vaults have all gone through intensive internal testing and are currently undergoing a Certik audit (REPLACE ONCE CERTIK UPDATES). There have been no security issues thus far.

  • And that’s just what’s available at launch!

Every vault that we create also supports the Altrucoin token price and APY!

Altrucoin Token Vault

The Altrucoin token also has its own vault. This vault will always have our most cutting-edge features. Using this vault, you will receive token redistribution rewards and airdrops in addition to normal rewards.

All vaults will support the Altrucoin token in one of two ways:

  • Users must hold a certain number of Altrucoin tokens in their wallets to enter and exit vaults.


  • Users will pay an entry fee that will be redistributed to existing Altrucoin token holders and the Altruism Protocol team through the Altrucoin token vault(s).

Vaults will be able to choose between the two options for their users when it is created.

The Altrucoin token will receive vaults with our newest features as they are released such as:

  • Token Time Locking Rewards (Available at launch)

  • No-Loss Jackpot Vault

  • Collectible NFT Generating Vault

  • And more!

The Altrucoin staking vault is available at launch (REPLACE LINK), so users can stake their tokens immediately for rewards.

Charity/Governance Voting System

At launch, we have a decentralized application for all users to be able to vote on charitable donation recipients and governance proposals. User votes are based on a snapshot of the blockchain at the time of the request and are weighted based on the number of tokens owned. To participate in the voting process users will only need to connect to the application using a web 3.0 wallet such as Metamask, Walletconnect, or the Trust Wallet and will need to hold tokens when the vote starts. The voting system can be found here: https://vote.altrucoin.io/#/

Multisig Wallets

All wallets related to the Altruism Protocol use the Gnosis Safe Multisig application. Multisig verification requires that a minimum number of core team members approve every transaction. This added security follows our core tenant of creating a secure store of wealth for all our holders. Learn more here: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/what-is-a-multisig-wallet

Multisig wallets include the charity wallet, development/marketing wallet, liquidity pool wallet (which is also repeatedly time-locked), and contract ownership wallet, all of which are publicly disclosed.

  • Multisig Wallet Addresses

    • Contract Wallet Contract: REPLACE

    • Charity Wallet Contract: REPLACE

    • Development Wallet Contract: REPLACE

    • Marketing Wallet Contract: REPLACE

Altrucoin Token Tokenomics

The combination of the Altrucoin token along with the vaults platform creates a one-of-a-kind tokenomic system. The Altrucoin token itself has a variety of built-in mechanisms to reward our holders and we are able to add cutting-edge tokenomics to our token even after launch through the use of different vaults.

  • Token Redistribution: (REPLACE% of all transactions are redistributed to existing users in the Altrucoin staking vaults)

  • Burn: REPLACE% of every transaction is sent to the burn wallet to be removed from the circulating supply.

  • Externally Boosted Tokenomics: Every vault for other tokens will also support the Altrucoin token through one of two mechanisms:

    • Users will pay an entry fee that will be redistributed to existing Altrucoin holders and the Altruism Protocol team through the Altrucoin token vault(s).

  • OR

    • Users will be required to hold a certain number of Altrucoin tokens in their wallets to enter and exit their vaults.

  • Deflationary Token Burn: Through burning and liquidity locking the Altrucoin token will stay deflationary.

  • Automatic Development, Marketing, and Charity funding for the project to ensure continuous, long-term development.

Transaction Fee Breakdown:

Altrucoin Token fees are disabled when interacting with Altrucoin Token vaults!

The Altrucoin token implements an automatic 10% transaction fee on every buy, transfer, and sell transaction. This fee will be gradually reduced as the project grows, based on the following guidelines: REPLACE

Transaction Fee = 10%

  • 4% is distributed to Altrucoin Token Stakers through vault rewards

  • 1% is sent to the burn wallet

  • 1% is distributed to the Multisig Charity Wallet (used for charity donations ONLY)

  • 4% is distributed to the Multisig Development/Marketing Wallet


For all transactions, 4% is distributed to those staked in the Altrucoin Token Vaults, proportional to the tokens they have staked at the time of the transaction. This provides strong incentives to hold the token long-term as an investment and to participate in helping the community grow.


Next, 1% is sent to the burn wallet. This neutralizes some of the effects of selling, increases the value of tokens in circulation, and prevents negative reactions to some of the natural fluctuations in the market.

Multisig Protocol Wallets

The remaining fee is split among the charity, marketing, and development wallets. All protocol wallets are Gnosis multi-signature contract wallets, meaning that multiple members have to sign off on any transactions. This greatly reduces the likelihood of a single rogue user being able to attack or steal protocol funds or liquidity.

1% goes to the charity wallet, which is used to donate funds to charities chosen by the community through our voting app. 4% goes to the marketing/development wallet, which is used to increase web presence, token awareness, create partnerships, fund exchange listings, support the application, further project development, and ensure smooth platform operation. This wallet will also be used as stability reserves for the Altrucoin market. This ensures Altrucoin remains sustainable and constantly developing.

Project Features

We believe what we are building is completely unique in the crypto space. Here are a few of the things that set our project apart:

  1. Customizable Vault Features: We offer the most customizable staking systems on the market. This includes features such as variable time locking with scaling rewards, optional token burn, optional charity contributions, adjustable entry and exit fees, individual vault pages, support for multiple token rewards, support for reflection/redistribution and more. (And that’s just what’s available at launch.)

    1. Time-Locked Staking – In addition to “unlocked” staking, or tokens that can be unstaked at any time, we also offer time-locked staking. This allows users to lock their tokens in the staking vault for a specified amount of time before they can be unstaked. For example, in the Lofi-Defi vault, users must initially time-lock tokens for at least 30 days in order to receive any rewards.

    2. BNB/Multi-Token Redistribution – Different projects offer redistribution in different ways. Some prefer to offer their native token, while others prefer to offer BNB or BUSD. Altrucoin vaults allow you to set the token or tokens that you want to reward your staking holders with. This also allows projects who only reward in their own token to use the vault to reward in their token and a second token. 

    3. Automatic Buy-Back – With this feature, the smart contract will automatically use a small piece of each selling transaction to intelligently buy-back some of the token, smoothing out any dips in price and increasing token stability.

    4. Token Burn – Altrucoin allows projects to add a burn function to the vaults, decreasing the circulating supply of their token. You can choose the amount to be burned each time in accordance with your community.

    5. Adjustable Entry/Exit Fees – There are several ways for vaults to fund their rewards pool, including the use of entry and exit fees for the vault. For projects that use these, the entry and exit fees can be adjusted to fit your specific requirements.

    6. Charity Donations – Altrucoin believes in making it as easy as possible to make the world a better place. That’s why we offer the option to donate a portion of each vault to charity, either through the Altruism Protocol charity wallet or through your project’s charity wallet.

    7. No-Loss Jackpot (Coming Soon) – Rather than the traditional APY provided by some vaults, users also have the option for a no-loss jackpot system. In this system, drawings are held at regular intervals. Instead of receiving rewards proportional to their stake in the pool, users get the chance to win a larger portion. And if they don’t win, their ticket rolls over to the next drawing rather than losing their tokens – hence “no-loss”.

    8. Collectible NFT Generation (Coming Soon) – NFT vaults allow users to stake tokens in order to get Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This can be deployed in different ways, from NFTs that are only available through the staking pool, to group pools that “mine” for NFTs where the prize gets randomly assigned to a member of the group.

    9. DeFi Lending Via Altrucoin (Coming Soon) – Our staking vaults aim to add a proven use case to any token: trustless decentralized lending. This would allow any developer to create a vault used for lending their token through a safe and secure application. Used in conjunction with Private Vault Hosting, users would be able to receive interest from loaned tokens directly through their tokens website.

  2. Customized Smart Contracts: While we do make use of established code libraries, our vaults and token code are made of plenty of unique code written by our internal team to match our needs exactly. Some of these changes include automatic protocol wallet diversion, upgradable DEX router pairs/addresses, a variety of vault features and controls, and more.

  3. Increased Security – Our vault contracts and tokens are 3rd party audited, decentralized, and outside of the control of partnered developers, preventing them from being able to scam or rug-pull locked tokens.

  4. Gnosis Multisig Wallets: Every protocol wallet is controlled via Gnosis Multisig Safe wallet contracts. This greatly reduces the likelihood of a single rogue user being able to attack or steal protocol funds or liquidity. Learn more here: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/what-is-a-multisig-wallet

  5. Charitable Giving – The Altrucoin token has charitable giving built-in with 1% of every transaction being contributed to the protocol charity wallet.

  6. Decentralized Governance: Decentralization is one of our core values, which is why at launch we have a voting system in place allowing for holders to participate in some of the decision-making that affects the future of the project.

  7. Community Controlled Donations: We have created and implemented a charity voting system that all users can use. It was launched at the same time as our token and can be found at vote.altrucoin.ioPolitical donations are strictly prohibited.

  8. Professional Services: We offer a few professional services, designed to boost any project on the BSC. These include:

    1. Private Vault Hosting – Many projects want to have the convenience of their holders doing everything from their site. That’s why Altrucoin is able to fully integrate the vault into your site. Visitors will see your branding, access the vault directly from your website, find your charts, and more. For more information, reach out to our team (https://t.me/TheAltruismProtocol)

    2. Governance Voting – Altrucoin can provide decentralized governance to tokens on the BSC. This integration allows holders of your token to vote on any proposal, from liquidity decisions to charity voting. Votes are held publicly and kept after completion, allowing transparency in the process.

    3. Integrated Purchasing – The team at Altrucoin can work with your webmaster to allow users to purchase tokens directly from your website, either with other cryptocurrency or even with a credit card.

  9. Pre-Sale System: With the massive success of multi-stage pre-sale from the original BankerDoge token, we now offer the same system to other projects. We can incorporate the full system into your site and supply the fully transparent smart contract, making it easy for prospective token holders to safely join your project. If you are interested in using our presale system, you can fill out the application (https://forms.gle/gQWYy9hv8z76gRLT6)

  10. Long Term Vision: In the long run we plan to bridge this project to other blockchains, providing all of the features of our platform to tokens that exist there.

Governance, Security, and Audits


Our goal has always been for the Altruism Protocol to have decentralized governance. Altrucoin will use a partially decentralized model using proposal voting to control many aspects of the project. Voting will be done through the voting app found here. We have also implemented many safeguards such as multisig ownership of the contract/protocol wallets, repeated liquidity locking, and publicly disclosed identities of all core team members.

Contract Ownership

  • The team has chosen to maintain ownership of the smart contract so that necessary changes can be made in line with our roadmap (such as altering the transaction fees).

  • We know that this requires trusting the team, and while we have a proven track record we also have taken additional steps to ensure that contract ownership is secure. The smart contract ownership will be controlled through a multisig contract wallet controlled by our publicly disclosed core team members. (More info in the Multisig Wallets section.)

  • We have taken steps and will continue to ensure that the community will always have a say in the future of the project through decentralized voting and governance.

Liquidity pool locking

  • We have elected to repeatedly time lock our liquidity pool (effectively burning the locked tokens). This process will use the DxLock decentralized application created by DxSale with re-locking of the wallet once every REPLACE months. The liquidity pool tokens are not to be used for anything besides liquidity or permanent token burn using the 0 dead address. If any changes are made to this process it will be voted on by the community using the existing voting system.

    • Why not permanently lock the liquidity pool? We have chosen to not permanently lock the liquidity pool due to expected ecosystem changes such as new decentralized exchange (DEX) version pools that are released over time with independent liquidity pools. With permanently locked liquidity wallets, all previous liquidity is lost or locked into outdated trading protocols when new versions are released. If new exchanges develop that users prefer, we would be able to move liquidity to their pools.

    • Timed locking allows us to re-evaluate the landscape at timed intervals to see if changes need to be made. Any planned changes will be voted on for approval by holders, if no changes are to be made the wallets will be time-locked immediately after unlocking.

  • We believe the combination of tools and safety mechanisms we have implemented in the Altruism Protocol make our system far more secure and flexible than other tokens.

  • Locked Liquidity Pool Wallets

    • Multisig Locked Wallet

      • REPLACE

    • DxLock Locked Wallet (Repeatedly Time Locked)

      • REPLACE

Security Audits

We have reviewed the security audits of other smart contracts by Certik and have implemented a variety of repairs and security enhancements in our contracts to resolve the issues that were found.

  • Internal Audits Pre Launch

    • Pre-launch internal audit completed

  • External Audits Pre Launch

    • TechRate initial audit – REPLACE

    • Rugscreen scan – REPLACE

  • Here is our previous token’s audit:

Charity Selection

“Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement that advocates the use of evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others. Altruism refers to improving the lives of others—as opposed to egoism, which emphasizes only self-interest.”

  • Based on the principles of effective altruism we would like to leverage the community’s knowledge, research, and insight to determine the most impactful organizations to donate to.

Application Requirements for an Altruism Protocol Donation

  • The following documents must be included in your application:

    • 501(c)(3) Form

    • Form 990

    • IRS Non-Profit Determination Letter

  • Donations are limited to organizations that have been in operation for at least one year.

  • Political organizations will not be eligible for this program.

  • Your non-profit must be able to accept donations in the form of cryptocurrency.

  • All funding received from the donation must be used for the purposes as specified in your proposal.

  • Your charity cannot have appeared in more than 3 Altruism Protocol donation voting rounds in the past year.

How Charities Are Chosen

Currently, the Altruism Protocol team will review and approve applications to be voted on by the coin holder community. In the future, as the transition to a decentralized model takes place, the process of approving applications to be voted on will be similarly decentralized. We are in the process of developing a more automatic system for approving donation proposals to be voted on by the Altruism Protocol community.

Some of the factors we use to evaluate the non-profits include past projects, the Charity Navigator rating, the age of the charity, percentage of donations applied to programs vs staff, funds distribution and efficacy, charity transparency, and financial health.








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  • The Altrucoin applications are decentralized and are provided with no guarantees or warranties of any kind. Digital Currencies are NOT bank deposits, are NOT legal tender, are NOT backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are NOT subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Investor Protection Corporation or any other governmental or government-backed protections. Legislative and regulatory changes or actions at the State, Federal, or international level may adversely affect the use, transfer, exchange, and value of Digital Currencies.

  • The Altruism Protocol team and Altrucoin projects do not endorse or vet any partnered projects. It is solely the responsibility of the individual user to do their own research and choose their investments wisely. All of The Altruism Protocol software, platforms, vaults, and presales are provided without any warranties or guarantees.

  • Our software does not promise to provide or provide any securities or protections.

  • The Altruism Protocol is not associated or responsible for any other entity, project, technology or individual.

  • By using The Altruism Protocol’s software, tokens, or platforms you are agreeing to these terms and waiving any rights for possible damages or losses related to investing in our using any product provided by this company.

  • The software provided by our company is in development. By using our software you agree to accept ALL risks associated with doing so.

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